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I’m a sucker for a free glass

Published to Blog on 9 Feb 2012

2012-02-08 18.15.12

Some old friends and I met up last night for the first time in way-too-long to catch up, tell stories, get a little loud, and generally have a good time over a few beers. We lucked out by choosing a meeting spot that happened to be hosting a Cincinnati Beer Week event. We had a great time at the Tap House Grill and enjoyed some great local beers including a local collaboration hopped up Barleywine, Hop Baron from Rivertown Brewery, and a couple of new Sam Adams beers. Yup, that’s right, I count Sam Adams as a local brewery. Why? Because they have a brewery in Cincinnati and according to their local rep who I talked to last night because the local brewery is their smallest one. The Cincinnati brewery is where they brew a lot of their “small batch” and test beers, including their Imperial line and the new beers we tried last night.

If you get a chance to get out this week stop by one of the fine local establishments hosting a Cincinnati Beer Week event and drink a local beer or two that you haven’t tried before.

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