Hello, I am Dan Hounshell.

I am a software developer for LeanKit by PlanView, where I am a member of the product team and currently work on automated UI and API integration tools among other things. I have been developing web sites and web applications since 1999, starting with classic ASP, moving to VB.NET with the .NET Framework 1.1, eventually moving to C# and now I spend most of my time working in Javascript, React and Node.js.

This blog has been through several platforms and versions. It started out on Scott Watermasysk’s .Text in 2004, moved to Telligent’s Community Server in 2006 where it went through several upgrades (from CS 1.0 to CS 2007), and was moved to the open source Graffiti CMS platform in January 2010. I was a contributor to the Graffiti CMS project, so I did a lot of dogfooding here. Recently I migrated everything over to Gatsby using a Gatsby source plugin I developed to pull data from a Graffiti SQL Server database.

I raise backyard chickens for eggs, I like old motorcycles, food, watches, travel and to play around with code from time to time and you can read about my adventures doing those things here.

I live just outside Middletown, OH, with my lovely wife Dawn and two my three children: Regan and Tucker. My oldest son, Jared, has flown the coop and is off doing his own thing now.